Return to Chipping Norton Theatre

COOPERBLACK will be returning to Chipping Norton Theatre (our favourite venue) on Saturday October 5th for another evening of some of the best music. This is possibly the best opportunity to see the band perform their full scope of material and an opportunity not to be missed

To reserve your seat at this gig take a trip to the Chipping Norton box office or click the link below

See you there


3 responses to “Return to Chipping Norton Theatre

    • Hi Mark,
      I think you may have been contacted about this but for the record; You can purchase CooperBlack CDs by visiting the New Album tab on the site and following the link to our record company. They do have stock of the previous album too so feel free to contact them about that

    • Me niego a creer que al Presidente del Gobierno de este país no le quede otra alternativa ante el cosuvreadsrinmo extremo, con la jerarquía católica al frente, que la sumisión (y la subvención, que es lo hemos visto durante más de una legislatura).Si alguien puede explicarme en qué consisten entonces, las competencias del Presidente, sería de agradecer.

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