gig dates

News of CooperBlack gigs can be found on the Facebook Page



14 responses to “gig dates

  1. We very much enjoyed seeing you play at Wittfest in July and have been playing your CD in the car since.
    How do we get tickets to see you at Uffington please?
    Cris and Sarah

  2. Hello,

    My names Simon and I am the site owner of the above forum which is aimed at the local community for them to comment on local issues effecting them. I have come across your site and would like to offer the existence of the forum to you in order to help you spread the message of your band and any events that you may hold.

    kind regards,


  3. Are you doing any other gigs? I saw you play in Northmoor Village hall this time last year and really enjoyed the evening. Not sure I fancy waiting till October or wearing my wedding dress again; are you playing any other village halls?!

  4. hey guys

    i live in Australia—and really enjoy you music–that i have heard–which has been quite limited

    how do i go about buying your albums?



  5. we saw you for the first time at Chippy theatre. What a fabulous evening! We loved it. When can we see you again? Where can we buy your album?

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