The first weekend of July 2011 saw the recording of the second CooperBlack album .Yet to be mixed and named and all that but here are a few pics from my phone camera just to capture the experience. More soon 🙂

A collection of pictures from the recording session of the album It Doesn’t Go Like That in the summer of 2006.

For more information on how to get a hold of this masterpiece contact us

ready to rock!skin up! Wildman’s drum kitso how does it go?who stuck my stand to the floor??ok! who’s out of tune?then we all went bananas!!


The Zodiac, Oxford

Emma’s Festival


2 responses to “pictures

  1. Hi Guys

    Not sure if you remeber me from a few years back at Cogges Farm Museum, but I now work for The Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock. We have an event happening on Wednesday 13 May and I’d really like to have the band playing, as you’re all so conected with the town. this is a free event, so funds are limited, but i’d love to hear back from you if you think it’s something you and the band might be able to do.

    With very best wishes

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